The Story Behind Southside Roots.

Southern Roots was founded and envisioned in the winter of 2023 as a way to catalog the experiences and lives of the people of Southside Virginia and the Northern Piedmont region of North Carolina.

We focus on the economical impacts as well as social impacts of the region, along with the more historical and story-telling facets of the local area. If you are interested in potentially appearing on the show, fill out the contact form and we will be in touch. This podcast might have topics that are uncomfortable to some, but it is produced in the name of equality, diversity and inclusion of all parties and beliefs.

Meet Your Hosts

Sam is a 30 year old human living near Southside Virginia. They grew up in Halifax County with their parents, moving to Lynchburg at some point in their life. Sam is knowledgeable in the culture and history in the area, and wants to bring those experiences to you.


Sam LaMartina

What People Say

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